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Table 4 Data Items

From: Kinetic measurement system use in individuals following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a scoping review of methodological approaches

Category Item(s)
Study characteristics Author(s), year of publication, language, study design and location of investigation
Study objectives Study objectives and purposes
Participant sample characteristics Sample size disaggregated by sex, age, reported activity and activity level
Primary ACL surgical details Graft type, side of surgery (dominant/non-dominant), time from surgery
Testing protocol details Activity measured or assessed (jumping/landing, balance, gait, or other functional activities)
Testing equipment used (force plate, balance platform, etc.), sampling frequency, testing protocol and tasks performed, number of trials per test
Outcomes Testing equipment parameters, clinical assessment tools
Self-reported outcome measures related to function, physical activity, readiness to return to sports, quality of life, and kinesiophobia