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Table 2 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Kinetic measurement system use in individuals following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a scoping review of methodological approaches

Inclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria

Human participants

Animal models or cadavers

• Primary study design (quantitative & mixed methods) with original published data

• Qualitative studies and not primary study design or original data (conference proceedings or abstracts, editorials, commentaries, opinion-based papers and systematic, scoping, or narrative reviews)

• Theses and Dissertations

• Case Studies

• Studies with participants post-ACLR

• Studies with participants post-ACL repair (i.e., surgical reattachment of the ACL, instead of performing a reconstruction) [187]

• Studies with a population of primary ACLR participants

• Studies with only secondary ACLR participants

• Studies where participants have other significant comorbidities, including; musculoskeletal, neurologic and/or systemic disorders

• Studies where more than 50% of the participants had meniscal procedures at the same time as the ACLR

• Studies with kinetic measurement systems outcomes

• Studies with no kinetic measurement systems outcomes. Studies that included force plates only to confirm foot contact with ground (confirmatory kinetic measurement system)

• Only studies with extractable data of individuals who were at least 6 months following a primary ACLR (i.e., following completion of standard rehabilitation) were considered

• Reported data before 6 months post-ACLR

Theses and dissertations were excluded at the full-text review stage as many identified dissertations were published separately and included in this review.