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Table 8 Average mean values, including the standard deviations (SD), per group of the cyclic fatigue to failure tests

From: Mechanical strength of a new plate compared to six previously tested opening wedge high tibial osteotomy implants

GroupsMaximal load [kN]Vertical stiffness
KV [N/mm]
Lateral stiffness
KL [N/mm]
Number of cycles prior to failure
MeanSD ±MeanSD ±MeanSD ±MeanSD ±
TomoFix std1.50.219505772233252>  86,00030,550
PEEKPower1.40.122454682297184>  73,00011,500
iBalance1.80.133754793113490>  125,00010,000
TomoFix sm1.40.319831841933330>  80,00028,300
Contour Lock2.20.423672503133900>  173,00037,700
Activmotion1.90.3265026047631219>  140,00040,000
FlexitSystem1.70.2985491748183>  110,00032,660
  1. The values of the first 5 groups were retrieved from our previous studies and reported here for purposes of comparison (all comma values rounded to the 1st decimal).