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Table 4 Used failure types and their defining criteria (Maas et al. 2013; Diffo Kaze et al. 2015; Diffo Kaze 2016; Diffo Kaze et al. 2017)

From: Mechanical strength of a new plate compared to six previously tested opening wedge high tibial osteotomy implants

Failure typeCriteria
1Medial or lateral displacements of the tibial head in relation to the tibial shaft of more than 2 mm, equivalent to a rotation of more than 1.4 °. A counter-clockwise rotation corresponds to a valgus malrotation of the tibia head. This criterion can only be checked in the unloaded condition.
2Visible collapse of lateral cortex. Small hairline cracks are not considered as failure.
3Maximal displacement range of more than 0.5 mm within one hysteresis loop in the case of cyclic testing only.
4Cracks of the screws of more than 1 mm