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Fig. 1

From: The role of intra-articular administration of Fetuin-A in post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis: an experimental study in a rat model

Fig. 1

Measure of IL-2, IL-7, BMP-7, BMP-2, BMP-4, CRP and Fetuin-A levels. The levels at 0, 5 and 8 weeks are presented as mean ± SD. a The trend of the mean IL-2 levels during the experiment for the control and fetuin group. b Mean IL-7 values of the 2 groups during follow up. c Mean BMP-7 values of groups during the follow up. d Mean BMP-4 values of the 2 groups during the experiment. e The trend of the BMP-2 levels during the experiment. f The mean CRP values between the two groups during the experiment Statistically signifant difference was noted between the Control and Fetuin Group in 5 weeks of the experimental study. g The mean values of Fetuin-A of the control and fetuin group

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