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Fig. 1

From: A biomechanical comparison of all-inside cruciate ligament graft preparation techniques

Fig. 1

Graft preparation techniques illustrated from left-to-right include: Quad-A: the two ends of the single graft are doubled over one suspensory suture, whipstitched together, and then passed together around another suspensory suture together. Quad-B: the two ends are passed in opposite directions around the second suspensory suture before the whipstitch is placed. Tripled: the graft ends are whipstitched separately, then each is passed around a suspensory suture, resulting in a whipstitch at each end of the construct. Folded: a single graft is whipstitched at each end, and the ends are each passed around a suspensory suture, meeting in the middle of the construct. Two-Doubled: two grafts are selected, and doubled over a suspensory suture. The whipstitched ends are then secured to a separate suspensory suture by way of knots tied in the whipstitch tails. The femoral end of each graft is depicted at the top of the schematic, and the tibial end is at the bottom

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