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Fig. 4

From: Novel preclinical murine model of trauma-induced elbow stiffness

Fig. 4

Characterization of skeletal muscle calcification following peri-elbow injury. a Longitudinal radiographic analysis of control ASO or plasminogen (PLG) ASO treated mice at 7, 14, 21, and 28 DPI. b Quantification of the soft tissue calcification within the triceps and muscle of the forearm as scored by the modified STiCSS for upper extremity. Error bar represent median and interquartile range. Statistical analyses between groups were analyzed by a non-parametric Mann-Whitney test. ****, p < 0.0001. c μCT analysis and 3D reconstruction of uninjured and injured upper extremities treated with control ASO or plasminogen ASO. d Von kossa staining of transvers sections of injured triceps 28 days post injury. e Gross morphology of PLG ASO treated animals at 1× (scale bar represents 1 mm) stained with MSB. b Zoomed in section of the injury triceps (20×, scale bar represents 100 μm). Black arrow heads indicate hypertrophic chondrocytes. Yellow arrow heads indicate erythrocytes

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