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Fig. 7

From: Anatomic analysis of the whole articular capsule of the shoulder joint, with reference to the capsular attachment and thickness

Fig. 7

Variations in capsular thickness distribution. The remaining data, except for that in Fig. 6, is shown in the present figure. Inside appearances of the whole capsule (a, b, and c) corresponds to 3D images with micro-CT (d, e, and f), respectively. The color bar represents approximate thickness (mm) corresponding to the colors. Inferior parts of the capsule, colored red, yellow, and green, were consistently thicker than the superior part, colored green, blue, black. However, the anterior part seemed variable in comparison with the inferior part. In addition, the thick inferior part of the capsule continued to the superior area along the glenoid and humeral side edge (red dotted lines in d, e, and f). Ant, anterior; Inf, inferior; Sup, superior

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