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Fig. 2

From: Different culture conditions affect the growth of human tendon stem/progenitor cells (TSPCs) within a mixed tendon cells (TCs) population

Fig. 2

Multi-differentiative potential. a Osteogenic differentiated TCs- and TCs + after Alizarin Red staining (scale bars 200 μm). b Quantification of calcified matrix by AR-S staining and extraction in undifferentiated (Ctrl) and osteogenic-differentiated (Osteo) cells (n = 6). c Chondrogenic differentiation of TCs- and TCs + after Alcian Blue staining (scale bars 500 μm). d Quantification of glycosaminoglycans deposition by Alcian Blue staining and extraction in undifferentiated (Ctrl) and chondrogenic-differentiated (Chondro) cells (n = 4). Levels of significance: * p < 0.05

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