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Table 4 Correlations between ICRS repair grades at second-look arthroscopy and clinical outcomes at the time of second-look arthroscopy in both groups

From: Additional mesenchymal stem cell injection improves the outcomes of marrow stimulation combined with supramalleolar osteotomy in varus ankle osteoarthritis: short-term clinical results with second-look arthroscopic evaluation

  Group I Group II Group I Group II
  S rho P S rho P S rho P S rho P
ICRS grade         
Medial talar dome 0.398 .022 0.568 .001 −0.602 <.001 −0.729 <.001
Medial tibial plafond 0.363 .038 0.532 .002 −0.604 <.001 −0.796 <.001
Articular surface of MM 0.395 .023 0.371 .040 −0.550 .004 −0.585 .001
  1. Values expressed were obtained using the Spearman’s rank-order correlation test. ICRS International Cartilage Repair Society, VAS visual analog scale, AOFAS American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society ankle-hind foot scale, S rho Spearman rho, MM medial malleolus