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Fig. 1

From: Histological changes of semitendinosus autograft after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in an immature rabbit model

Fig. 1

Carnevali’s technique: intraoperative field. The right knees joint was exposed. The ST and G tendons are divided from the musculo-tendinous junction, preserving the distal insertion site. Once the ACL was accurately removed the oblique 2-mm-diameter tunnels were drilled, mediolaterally in the tibia and anteroposteriorly in the femur (arrows), passing through the original attachments of the ACL and through the growth plates. Then, the semitendinosus tendon (*) was threaded through the tibial and femoral tunnels and then sutured to the periosteum of the lateral part of the femoral metaphysis with 2.0 silk thread

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