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Table 1 Sequence termini on cleavage fragments of human aggrecan for which anti-neoepitope antibody reactivity, or direct sequencing, have demonstrated the presence of specific products in vivo

From: The role of aggrecan in normal and osteoarthritic cartilage

Region Sequence1 Proteinase Reference
IGD DIPEN360 MMP (Flannery et al. [1992])
361FFGVG MMP (Fosang et al. [1995])
ITVQTV375 HtrA1 (Chamberland et al. [2009])
ITEGE392 ADAMTS4/5 (Lark et al. [1997])
393ARGSV ADAMTS4/5 (Sandy et al. [1992])
KS-rich VPGVA709 Calpain (Maehara et al. [2007])
CS1 VGDLS954 Calpain (Struglics et al. [2006])
CS2 ASELE1564 ADAMTS4/5 (Sandy and Verscharen, [2001])
FKEEE1733 ADAMTS4/5 (Sandy and Verscharen, [2001])
1838AGEGP ADAMTS4/5 (Dufield et al. [2010])
1939LGQRP ADAMTS4/5 (Sandy and Verscharen, [2001])
  1. 1Aggrecan residue numbering is based on the human aggrecan sequence (Uniprot P16112, derived from the cDNA) which includes the signal peptide.