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Figure 1

From: Biomechanical testing of distal femur osteotomy plate fixation techniques: the role of simulated physiological loading

Figure 1

Open gap test setup and results. A. Anatomical MDF plate fixated in composite cylinder blocks for open gap model testing. B. Condensed schematic representation of the open gap fatigue tests as provided by the manufacturer (Synthes GmbH). Both plates were setup to be tested over 2500000 cycles (vertical line = end point of test runs), 2 of 5 antecedent MDF plate design plates (triangle symbol) and 5 of 5 anatomical MDF plate design plates (diamond symbol) failed before reaching the tests end at the various loading levels used (300, 350 and 400 N, antecedent MDF plate and 350,375 and 400 N, anatomical MDF plate plate). Trend lines for both are also shown (bottom line = anatomical MDF plate, top line = antecedent MDF plate).

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