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Table 3 Clinical findings and return to sport (RTS) readiness at follow-upa

From: Insall proximal realignment with/without tibial tubercle osteotomy for recurrent patellar instability yields acceptable medium- to long-term results but risk of osteoarthritis progression is considerable

  n %
Clinical findings 42  
 Valgus malalignment   40.4
 Hyperextension > 10 degrees   9.5
 Knee range of motion deficit > 10 degrees   11.9
 Increased femoral anteversionb   7.1
 Positive J - sign   9.7
 Positive ReDPAT 0–30 degrees   28.6
 Positive ReDPAT > 30 degrees   11.9
Functional tests, return to sports (RTS) readiness 39c  
 Single leg hop test with LSI > 85%   66.7
 YBT-LQ anterior reach < 4 cm   79.5
 Both RTS criterias accomplished   59.0
  1. aReDPAT Reversed dynamic patellar apprehension test, YBT-LQ Lower Quarter - balance test, LSI Limb symmetry index b > 70 degrees internal rotation rotation or a difference > 30 between passive internal and external rotation c3 knees were excluded from analysis due to bilateral surgery within a year