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Table 2 Properties of the muscles and ligaments

From: Medial meniscus extrusion and varus tilt of joint line convergence angle increase stress in the medial compartment of the knee joint in the knee extension position -finite element analysis-

Materials k(N/mm)
Rectus femoris (straight head) 39
Rectus femoris (reflected head) 39
Tensor fasciae latae 13
Sartorius 92
Semitendinosus 44
Semimembranosus 100
Biceps femoris 74
Gracilis 28
aACL 5000
pACL 5000
aPCL 9000
pPCL 9000
aLCL 2000
sLCL 2000
pLCL 2000
aMCL 2750
iMCL 2750
pMCL 2750
aMC 1000
pMC 1000
  1. Ligaments and soft tissues around the knee joint were constructed based on past study [14]
  2. ACL anterior cruciate ligament, PCL posterior cruciate ligament, LCL lateral cruciate ligament, MCL medial cruciate ligament, MC medial capsule