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Table 2 Summarizes indications and contraindications of currently reported technique of middle trapezius tendon transfer; GH gleno-humeral, ISP infraspinatus, RC rotator cuff, SSC subscapularis, SSP supraspinatus

From: Rotator cuff irreparability or failure of repair (re-tear): technical note on middle trapezius tendon transfer for reproduction of supraspinatus function

*Irreparable RC tear with the following criteria:
-Clinical findings of persistent shoulder pain and/or pseudo-paralysis
-X-ray finding of decreased acromio-humeral distance (< 7 mm)
-MRI findings of > grade-II Patte retraction, > grade-II Goutallier fatty infiltration and > grade-II Thomazeau SSP muscle atrophy
-Intra-operative finding of poor soft tissue quality of torn tendon stump
*RC re-tear with the following 6–9 months postoperative criteria:
-Clinical findings of persistent shoulder pain and/or pseudo-paralysis
-Ultra-sound findings of RC non-vascularization, discontinuity and/or retraction on dynamic testing
-MRI findings of RC discontinuity and/or retraction
*Isolated supra-scapular nerve injury
*Absolute contraindications:
-Advanced arthritis of GH joint
-Trapezius muscle paralysis
-Irreparable SSC
-Irreparable ISP
-Non-functioning deltoid muscle (e.g. dehiscence, axillary nerve injury)
-Active infection
*Relative contraindications:
-History of infection following RC repair
-Un-motivated patient for 6–9 months postoperative rehabilitation
-Elderly patients (i.e. > 65 years old)
-Shoulder stiffness