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Table 6 Comparisons of the degree of cartilage thickness change in the central, medial, and lateral facets

From: No patella resurfacing total knee arthroplasty leads to reduction in the thickness of patellar cartilage to less than half within 5 years: a quantitative longitudinal evaluation using MRI

  Central facet Medial facet Lateral facet P-value
Amount of change in cartilage thickness 1.57(0.63) 1.64 (0.82) 2.14 (0.83) < 0.0001 a (Central vs Lateral < 0.0001 b, Medial vs Lateral 0.0005 b)
  1. Data are reported as mean (standard deviation) unless otherwise indicated. Bolded P-values indicate statistical significance (P < .05)
  2. aOne-way analysis of variance
  3. bSignificant difference between groups central and lateral facet, medial and lateral facet (post hoc Tukey–Kramer test)