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Table 1 Anatomical characteristics of 10 cadaveric knees

From: Efficacy of posterior capsular release for flexion contracture in posterior-stabilized total knee arthroplasty

(Mean ± SD)
MC depth (mm) 30.1 ± 3.2
LC depth (mm) 24.0 ± 2.8
Medial PCO length (mm) 63.6 ± 5.5
Lateral PCO length (mm) 63.2 ± 7.4
Bicondylar width (mm) 82.3 ± 7.7
  1. MC depth maximum anteroposterior diameter of the medial femoral condyle, LC depth maximum anteroposterior diameter of the lateral femoral condyle, medial PCO length medial posterior condylar offset length, lateral PCO length lateral posterior condylar offset length, bicondylar width length between the medial and lateral epicondyles, SD standard deviation