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Table 6 Correlation between the subscale future of the K-SES18 and the ACL-RSI

From: Validation of an 18-item version of the Swedish Knee Self-Efficacy Scale for patients after ACL injury and ACL reconstruction

Follow-ups r
8 months after ACL injury 0.644**
12 months after ACL injury 0.768**
18 months after ACL injury 0.739**
8 months after ACL reconstruction 0.664**
12 months after ACL reconstruction 0.759**
18 months after ACL reconstruction 0.774**
  1. ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament, ACL injury refers to patients treated with rehabilitation, ACL reconstruction refers to patients treated with reconstruction and rehabilitation, ACL-RSI Anterior Cruciate Ligament Return to Sport Index, K-SES18 the 18-item version of the Knee-Self-Efficacy Scale
  2. **p < 0.01