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Table 6 Degree of varus malalignment before treatment and after treatment in both groups

From: Does arthroscopic patellar denervation with high tibial osteotomy improve anterior knee pain?

Study groups Degree of Varus pre-op Degree of Varus post-op P value for time effect
Mean SD Mean SD
Group A 5.432 2.901 −0.490 2.928 < 0.001*
Group B 6.887 1.699 0.852 1.754 < 0.001*
P value 0.432 0.508  
  1. OWHTO significantly corrected varus deformity in both study groups (p < 0.001). But the degree of correction was not different among both groups
  2. p value is significant ≤0.05, all p values are Bonferroni adjusted