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Table 6 Studies examined the association between kinetic measurement systems variables and PROMs

From: Kinetic measurement system use in individuals following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a scoping review of methodological approaches

Reference Studied Variables
Kinetic measurement systems variables Patient Reported Outcome Measures
Shiraishi et al. 1996 [136] CoP length of path Cincinnati Scale & Satisfaction
Azus et al. 2018 [167] GRF Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS)
Luc-Harkey et al. 2018 [172] Peak vGRF normalized to body weight
Instantaneous vGRF loading rate Linear vGRF loading rate
Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia
Lee et al. 2019 [123] Overall Stability Index Tegner Activity Scale
Shimizu et al. 2019 [68] vGRF KOOS & Marx Activity Scale Score
Niederer et al. 2020 [57] LSI Return to sport after injury-ACL (ACL-RSI)
Fear of re-injury Visual Analog Scale (VAS)