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Table 1 Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden

From: The impact of first and second wave of COVID-19 on knee and hip surgeries in Sweden

Date Event
2020 - January - 31 First case of COVID-19 in Sweden confirmeda.
2020 - February - 27 Five new cases identifiedb.
2020 - March - 10 First three cases of COVID-19 reported in the Skåne regionc.
The Public Health Agency advised everyone with respiratory infections, even mild cases, to refrain from social contacts. They also ask health care staff working with risk groups to not work if they have any symptoms of respiratory infection. Relatives of elderly should also avoid unnecessary visits at hospitals and in facilities for elderly, and never visit if there are any respiratory symptomsd.
2020 – March - 11 The Swedish government issued a law limiting freedom of assembly by banning all gatherings larger than 500 peoplee.
2020 – March - 16 The Public Health Agency recommended that people over 70 should limit close contact with other people, and avoid crowded areas such as stores, public transport and public spacesf.
The Public Health Agency recommended to work from homef.
2020 – March - 18 The Swedish government recommend secondary schools and universities to use distance learningg.
2020 – March - 29 Further restrictions on public gatherings, with limit lowered to 50 peopleh.
2020 – May – 16 People over 70 were encouraged to go outside for walks while still following the reccomendations released in Marchi.
2020 – June – 15 Reccomendetions on distance learning are liftedj
2020 – November - 24 Public gatherings and events limited to 8 people, with the exeptions of religious gatherings linked to the death of a personk.
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