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Table 3 Included patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and their abbreviations

From: Evaluation of outcome reporting trends for femoroacetabular impingement syndrome- a systematic review

PROM Name Hip specific
BDI-2 Beck Depression Inventory No
EQ-5D European Quality of life index version 5D No
FAA Functional Activity Assessment No
GRC Global Rating of Change No
GTO Global Treatment Outcome No
HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale No
HAGOS The Copenhagen Hip and Groin Outcome Score Yes
HHS Harris Hip Score Yes
HOOS Hip Disability and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score Yes
HOS (ADL + SS) Hip Outcome Score (Activities of Daily Living + Sport Specific) Yes
HPSES Hip Preservation Surgery Expectations Survey Yes
iHOT-12 The international Hip Outcome Tool-12 Yes
iHOT-33 The international Hip Outcome Tool-33 Yes
LISHO Lequesne Functional Index for Hip Osteoarthritis Yes
Merle d'Aubigne and Postel scale   Yes
mHHS modified Harris Hip Score Yes
MHOT Mahorn Hip Outcome Tool Yes
MSPQ Modified Somatic Perception Questionnaire No
Modified zung depression scale - No
NASS North American Spine Society Lumbar Spine Questionnaire No
MOS Mean Opinion Score No
NAHS Non-Arthritic Hip Score Yes
OHS Oxford Hip Score Yes
Pain detect score - No
PCS Pain Catastrophizing Scale No
PGA Patient Global Assessment No
PHQ Patient Health Questionnaire No
PSQI Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index No
SANE Single Assessment Numeric Evaluation No
Satisfaction   No
SF-12 12-item Short-Form Health Survey No
SF-36 The Short Form 36 Health Survey No
Tegner - No
TSK Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia No
UCLA University of California Los Angeles activity scores. No
VAS pain Visual analoge scale No
VHS Vail Hip score Yes
VR-12 The Veterans RAND 12 Item Health Survey No
WOMAC Western Ontario and MacMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index Yes