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Table 2 Functional results after stabilisation of humerus fractures using the portal of Neviaser

From: The portal of Neviaser: a valid option for antegrade nailing of humerus fractures

 Age at surgeryAge at follow-upFollow-upDASHCMSCMS age & sex weighted mean valueROM Forward flexionROM AbductionStrength (kg) of affected sideStrength (kg) of non-affected side
Minimum28316024 74°82°0,53.5
Maximum8082438997.5 157°154°9.058.58
Range5251378973.5 83°72°8.555.08
Standard Deviation12.8912.2012.872620 25282.372.13
Confidence Intervall (95%)6.756.396.741411 13151.241.21
  1. After a mean interval of 21.5 months (range 6–43 months) 14 / 27 patients of group 3 were available for a clinical and radiological follow-up. 5 patients had deceased after a median of 13 months; 6 patients suffered from dementia or were non-compliant. 2 patients had moved from the area. The age and sex weighted mean value of the CMS demonstrated a functional outcome within the range of this specific population
  2. Consolidation for proximal fractures was completed within the 3 months period after surgery and within the 6 months period for metaphyseal and diaphyseal fractures. No prolonged healing was observed