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Fig. 5

From: Augmented reality-based navigation system applied to tibial bone resection in total knee arthroplasty

Fig. 5

Resection of the proximal tibia of sawbone using the AR-KNEE system. a We cut the sawbone viewing the cutting angle and cutting amount of the bone following registration of the bone landmarks. The smartphone can be attached to the tibial bone resection guide as one option. b Screenshot image of (a). The AR-KNEE system showed the cutting block placed on the following parameters in this case: (1) varus angle of 0.1° on the long tibial axis (green line), (2) posterior slope of 4.8° on the long tibial axis (green line), (3) internal rotation angle of 0° on the anteroposterior axis (pink line), (4) 4.6-mm of bone resected from the medial tibia plateau, and (5) 9.9-mm of bone resected from the lateral tibia plateau. The white line indicates the resection level

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