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Fig. 1

From: Quantitative mapping of acute and chronic PCL pathology with 3 T MRI: a prospectively enrolled patient cohort

Fig. 1

Example images from two subjects with complete PCL tears. Subject A had a chronic injury in which the PCL was detached from the femoral attachment (white arrow). Subject B had a chronic injury in which the PCL was partially torn at its tibial attachment (black arrow). Images shown are from three consecutive slices of i) a PD FS TSE sequence (sagittal plane; TR/TE: 5300/40 ms; interpolated resolution: 0.19 × 0.19 mm; slice thickness: 3.0 mm; FOV: 120 mm; TA: 2 min 50 s) and ii) a PD TSE sequence (sagittal plane; TR/TE: 2500/32 ms; interpolated resolution: 0.16 × 0.16 mm; slice thickness: 3.0 mm; FOV: 125 mm; TA: 3 min 19 s)

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