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Fig. 3

From: Novel preclinical murine model of trauma-induced elbow stiffness

Fig. 3

Histological analysis of frontal and transverse sections of injured peri-elbow soft tissues 28 DPI. H/E staining of frontal sections from a) Control ASO or b) plasminogen ASO treated animals. Gross morphology of whole limb at 1×, scale bar represents 1 mm. Zoomed in sections of the injured triceps muscle or capsule immediately adjacent to the capitulum and radial head (20× and 10× respectively, scale bar represents 100 μm). Black asterisk indicates thickening of the capsule observed in plasminogen ASO treated animals. White arrows indicate focal chondrocytic lesions indicative of heterotopic ossification formation. c Transverse sections from control ASO or plasminogen ASO treated animals, stained with H/E, MSB, immunofluorescent staining for fibrin(ogen), or immunohistochemical staining for F4/80+ cells (macrophage/monocytes). All transverse images 20× magnification, scale bar represents 100 μm

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