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Fig. 1

From: Novel preclinical murine model of trauma-induced elbow stiffness

Fig. 1

Preclinical Model of Upper Extremity Injury. a To reliably induce soft tissue injury around the elbow, three cardiotoxin injections were applied to the triceps, brachialis/brachioradialis, and the pronosupinators/hand extrinsics. b Injection of either blue dye or c) barium sulfate solution with subsequent radiographic analysis demonstrated well dispersed injection areas, fully surrounding the elbow joint and adjacent soft tissue. d Investigator induce plasminogen deficiency is attained by the time of upper extremity injury on both a protein (inset box) and RNA level following weekly administration of plasminogen ASO (330 mg/kg/wk) beginning two weeks before injury. Graphical representation of mean +/−SD

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