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Table 1 Maturity scores of the tendon gel

From: Evaluation of dynamic change in regenerated tendons in a mouse model

  Score 0 Score 1 Score 2
Cell count ratio (Tgj/C) > 1 ≤1  
Collagen fibers Absent The loss of demarcation The separation of individual fibers
Round cells Absent Increased roundness Amount of cytoplasm visible
Ratio of flat cells to round cells 0 < 1 ≥1
Vascularity Absent Presence  
  1. Tgj tendon gel junction, C the central part of the tendon gel
  2. Two observation points (Tgj and C) are set. The presence and absence of fibers and the number of cells are counted under a light microscope. The score is evaluated by semi-quantifying the maturity of the tendon gel