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Fig. 4

From: Impact of five different medial patellofemoral ligament-reconstruction strategies and three different graft pre-tensioning states on the mean patellofemoral contact pressure: a biomechanical study on human cadaver knees

Fig. 4

Mean patellofemoral contact pressure (median, minimum, maximum) at 0° knee extension and with 2, 10 and 20 N graft pre-tensioning (Pnat: Native knee joint; Pa: Anatomical patellar double-bundle technique; Pp: Non-anatomical, proximal patellar single-bundle technique; Pd: Non-anatomical, distal patellar single-bundle technique; Fp: Non-anatomical double-bundle fixation 1 cm proximal to the anatomical femoral insertion; Fv: Non-anatomical double-bundle fixation 1 cm ventral to the anatomical femoral insertion). *p≤0.05

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