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Fig. 5

From: Anatomic analysis of the whole articular capsule of the shoulder joint, with reference to the capsular attachment and thickness

Fig. 5

Humeral attachments of the articular capsule. The area marked with white dotted lines indicates the attachment area of the articular capsule. a Anterior aspect of the humerus. b Medial aspect. c Posterior aspect. d Superior aspect. Attachment widths were measured at superior edge of the subscapularis insertion (H1), the inferior edge of the subscapularis insertion (H2), the widest attachment at the axillary pouch (H3), the inferior edge of the tendinous insertion of teres minor (H4), the border between the infraspinatus and teres minor insertion (H5), and the posterior edge of the supraspinatus insertion (H6). Measurement data are listed in Table 2. HH, humeral head; ISP, insertion of infraspinatus; SSC, insertion of subscapularis; SSP, insertion of supraspinatus; TMi, insertion of teres minor; Ant, anterior; Lat, lateral; Med, medial; Post, posterior; Sup, superior

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