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Fig. 3

From: Anatomic analysis of the whole articular capsule of the shoulder joint, with reference to the capsular attachment and thickness

Fig. 3

Detaching the articular capsule from the right shoulder joint. The rotator interval was opened at the anterior edge of the supraspinatus muscle, which is the same site as the lateral edge of the intertubercular groove (yellow arrow). The articular capsule including the labrum with the long head of biceps brachii (black star) was detached from the glenoid and the humerus in the following order: superior (a), posterior (b), inferior and anterior parts of the shoulder joint (c). Areas marked with white dotted lines indicate attachments of the articular capsule. CP, coracoid process; HH, humeral head; ISP, insertion of infraspinatus; SSC, insertion of subscapularis; SS, scapular spine; SSP, insertion of supraspinatus; TMi, insertion of teres minor; TRI, origin of long head of triceps brachii; Ant, anterior; Med, medial; Sup, superior

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