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Fig. 2

From: Anatomic analysis of the whole articular capsule of the shoulder joint, with reference to the capsular attachment and thickness

Fig. 2

Outward appearance of the shoulder joint. Areas outlined by black dotted lines indicate insertions of the subscapularis (SSC), supraspinatus (SSP), infraspinatus (ISP), teres minor (TMi), and the origin of long head of triceps brachii (TRI). a Anterior aspect of the shoulder. The superior-most part of the subscapularis was left intact because it was tightly connected to the capsule and the coracohumeral ligament (red arrow). b Posterior aspect. c Superior aspect. d Inferior aspect. CP, coracoid process; SS, scapula spine; TRI, triceps; Ant, anterior; Med, medial; Lat, lateral; Sup, superior; Post, posterior

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