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Table 1 Study characteristics (DRF = distal radius fracture, o = open TFCC repair, a = arthroscopic TFCC repair)

From: Open versus arthroscopic repair of the triangular fibrocartilage complex: a systematic review

Author Design Level of Evidence Sample size Follow up (months in mean) Mean age / Male (%) Concomitant injuries or surgical procedures
Anderson et al. 2008 Prospective Cohort Study III 39 (o) 37 (a) 43 35(o)-32 (a) /
44 (o)-49 (a)
16% older DRF
Luchetti et al., 2014 Prospective Cohort Study III 24 (o) 25 (a) 31 32(o)-33(a) /
38 (o)-52(a)
47% older DRF
21% Wafer- resection in open