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Table 3 Used failure types and their defining criteria (Diffo Kaze, 2016; Diffo Kaze et al., 2015; Maas et al., 2013)

From: Static and fatigue strength of a novel anatomically contoured implant compared to five current open-wedge high tibial osteotomy plates

Failure type Criteria
1 Medial or lateral displacements of the tibial head in relation to the tibial shaft of more than 2 mm equivalent to a rotation of more than 1.4 °. A counter-clockwise rotation corresponds to a valgus malrotation of the tibia head. This criterion can only be checked in the unloaded condition.
2 Visible collapse of lateral cortex. Small hairline cracks are not considered as failure.
3 Maximal displacement range of more than 0.5 mm within one hysteresis loop in the case of cyclic testing only.
4 Cracks of the screws of more than 1 mm