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Fig. 2

From: Tacrolimus as an adjunct to autologous minced muscle grafts for the repair of a volumetric muscle loss injury

Fig. 2

Peroneus teritus (PT) muscle function was determined by peroneal nerve stimulation in vivo. The percent torque deficit to the pre-injury torque was determined for the (a) non-repaired and (b) muscle graft (MMG) repaired groups following VML injury and the effect of adjunctive tacrolimus was investigated across these groups. The strength of the sham operated group was consistent over time (duplicated in each panel) and all VML injured groups were less than sham operated. All data analyzed by two-way ANOVA (group p < 0.001; time p = 0.104; interaction p = 0.999). * Significant main effect of group, sham > all other surgical groups. Data are mean ± standard error

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