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Table 2 Kinematic and kinetic data from the 3D motion analysis

From: Three-dimensional kinematic and kinetic analysis of knee rotational stability in ACL-deficient patients during walking, running and pivoting

  1. ACLD ACL deficient knee, ACLI contralateral ACL intact knee, Control: knee healthy control group. Rotation: tibial internal rotation, expressed in degrees (deg). Moments: net knee joint external moments, expressed as Nm/kg. Stiffness: rotational stiffness, expressed as (Nm/kg)/deg. Means and 95% Confidence intervals (CI) are reported. Pivoting/rotational moments and pivoting/stiffness were log transformed during statistical analyses; therefore, Median and range are reported for these parameters. (1ACLD vs. Control p < 0.001, 2ACLI vs. Control p < 0.001, 3ACLD vs. Control p = 0.014, 4ACLI vs. Control p = 0.001, 5ACLD vs. ACLI p = 0.015, 6ACLI vs. Control p < 0.001)