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Table 7 Application of hydrogels as cell/drug delivery carriers for OA therapy

From: Basic science of osteoarthritis

Hydrogels Objectives References
HA injection of autologous MSCs in goat knee joints (Murphy et al. 2003)
PlnD1-HA microgel injection of PlnD1-HA to potentiate BMP-2 activity in an experimental murine OA model (Srinivasan et al. 2012)
Alginate-chitosan beads injection of beads to reduce OA in rabbits (Oprenyeszk et al. 2013)
Kartogenin-conjugated chitosan hydrogel intra-articular delivery to protect against OA in rats (Kang et al. 2014)
Fibrin/HA-MA hydrogel induction of bone marrow-derived MSCs chondrogenesis (Snyder et al. 2014)
Gelatin hydrogels incorporating rapamycine micelles intra-articular administration to protect against OA in mice (Matsuzaki et al. 2014)
CM-SIN and GelMA hydrogels intra-articular injection to reduce OA in mice (Chen et al. 2016)
  1. Abbreviations: HA hyaluronic acid, PlnD1 perlecan module, MA methacrylic anhydride, CM-SIN sinomenium encapsulated in chitosan microspheres, GelMA gelatine methacrylate, MSCs mesenchymal stem cells, BMP-2 bone morphogenetic protein 2, OA, osteoarthritis