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Table 6 Stem cells for OA treatment: clinical evidence from randomized controlled trials

From: Basic science of osteoarthritis

Treatment Procedure Patients Follow-up Outcomes References
BMSCs i.a. 15 (versus HA) 1 year improved function, higher cartilage quality (MRI) Vega et al. 2015
BMSCs (HA) i.a. (meniscectomy) 18 (low versus high MSCs dose versus HA) 2 years pain improvement, meniscus regeneration (MRI) Vangsness et al. 2014
BMSCs (HA) i.a. (osteotomy and microfracture) 28 (versus HA) 2 years clinical improvements, higher cartilage quality (MRI) Wong et al. 2013
BMCs (matrix/PEMF) surgical delivery (collagen matrix) 15 (versus matrix) 1 year improved recovery Cadossi et al. 2014
PBSCs (HA) i.a. (drilling) 25 (versus HA) 2 years improved cartilage quality (MRI) Saw et al. 2013
ASVF surgical delivery (microfracture) 40 (versus microfracture) 2 years clinical improvements, higher cartilage quality (MRI) Koh et al. 2016
ASVF (PRP) i.a. (osteotomy) 21 (versus PRP) 2 years clinical improvements, fibrocartilage coverage Koh et al. 2014
  1. Abbreviations: MSCs mesenchymal stem cells, BMSCs bone marrow-derived MSCs, HA hyaluronic acid, BMCs bone marrow concentrates, PEMF pulsed electromagnetic field, PBSCs peripheral blood stem cells, ASVF adipose stromal vascular fraction, PRP platelet-rich plasma, i.a. intra-articular