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Table 3 Animal models

From: Basic science of osteoarthritis

Animal Size Advantages Limitations Applications
Mouse very small low cost, amenability, standardized variants post-operative management, low translability chemically- and genetically-induced OA
Guinea pig very small low costs, similarity with human OA sedentary behaviour, low translability spontaneous and chemically-induced OA
Rat small low cost, amenability post-operative management surgically- and chemically-induced OA
Rabbit small amenability self-regeneration, differences with human anatomy, post-operative management surgically- and chemically-induced OA
Dog medium/large radiologic evaluation high costs, perception spontaneous and surgically-induced OA
Sheep/goat large amenability, radiologic evaluation, large joints high costs, physiology meniscectomy
Horse large radiologic evaluation high costs, anatomy, perception spontaneous OA and overuse