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Fig. 1

From: Functional outcome measures in a surgical model of hip osteoarthritis in dogs

Fig. 1

(A) Distraction index of operated and control limbs as assessed by radiography. *Operated significantly less than control limb (p = 0.04). (B) Modified Lane radiographic scores of operated and control limbs. *Significantly greater score than control limb (p = 0.022). Bars sharing the same letters are not significantly different from each other (p < 0.05), n = 7. (C) Preoperative (a,c) and 20-week (b,d) radiographs of control (a,b) and operated (c,d) limbs. Range in radiographic appearance of preoperative femoral head phenotype from normal (e) to dysplastic (f). Open arrow heads indicate circumferential linear femoral head osteophytes, and closed arrow heads indicate caudal curvilinear femoral neck osteophytes

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