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Table 2 Analysis of the levels of FGF-2 production in rAAV-transduced, chondrogenically-induced human bone marrow aspirates

From: Effects of rAAV-mediated FGF-2 gene transfer and overexpression upon the chondrogenic differentiation processes in human bone marrow aspirates

Days post-transduction rAAV-lacZ rAAV-hFGF-2
7 23.6 (4.5) 96.7 (10.3)a
14 20.0 (1.5) 31.2 (2.4)a
21 22.2 (2.5) 36.2 (7.8)a
  1. Values are expressed as means pg/mg total proteins/24 h (SD). aStatistically significant compared with rAAV-lacZ