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Fig. 2

From: On the heterogeneity of the femoral enthesis of the human ACL: microscopic anatomy and clinical implications

Fig. 2

Mean and standard deviation of a relative area of calcified fibrocartilage and b depth of uncalcified fibrocartilage for each entheseal region of interest (1–4), as well as c ligament entheseal attachment angle of the anterior (A–B) and posterior (C–D) tissue sections presented for the femoral entheses. Example of d anterior (section B in Fig. 1) and e posterior (section C in Fig. 1) tissue sections of the ACL femoral enthesis of a representative specimen. Insets: High power views of tissue outlined in black showing four zones of tissue: ligamentous tissue (L), uncalcified fibrocartilage (UF), calcified fibrocartilage (CF), and bone (B). The symbol *denotes significantly greater than region 1 (P = 0.041), region 3 (P < 0.001), and region 4 (P = 0.020); **denotes significantly greater than all other regions (P < 0.001); ***denotes significantly greater than region 3 (P = 0.032)

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