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Table 5 Correlations between postoperative radiological outcomes and clinical outcomes at final follow-up and ICRS grades at second-look arthroscopy

From: Additional mesenchymal stem cell injection improves the outcomes of marrow stimulation combined with supramalleolar osteotomy in varus ankle osteoarthritis: short-term clinical results with second-look arthroscopic evaluation

  S rho P S rho P S rho P
VAS 0.112 n.s. −0.201 n.s. 0.276 n.s.
AOFAS score −0.197 n.s. 0.161 n.s. −0.237 n.s.
ICRS grade       
 Medial talar dome 0.062 n.s. −0.187 n.s. 0.218 n.s.
 Medial tibial plafond 0.174 n.s. −0.247 n.s. 0.146 n.s.
 Articular surface of MM 0.080 n.s. −0.123 n.s. 0.118 n.s.
  1. Values expressed were obtained using the Spearman’s rank-order correlation test. ICRS International Cartilage Repair Society, TAS tibial-ankle surface angle, TT talar tilt, TLS tibial-lateral surface angle, S rho Spearman rho, VAS visual analog scale, AOFAS American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society ankle-hind foot scale, MM medial malleolus