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Table 1 Knee flexion angle and induced joint reaction forces are depicted for each gait position

From: Does simulated walking cause gapping of meniscal repairs?

Position Description Flexion (deg) Joint reaction force (BW)
LR = Loading Response Contralateral Toe-off 15 1.9 vertical 0.25 shear
MS = Mid stance Ipsilateral Foot Flat 10 1.4 vertical 0.25 shear
TO = Toe Off Contralateral heel strike 32 2.2 vertical 0.25 shear
  1. Body weight was 713 N (73 kg)
  2. Description of Terms: LR Loading Response at heel strike, MS Mid stance during ipsilateral foot flat position, TO The position of contralateral limb heel strike until the ipsilateral limb toe off position