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Fig. 1

From: Qualitative and quantitative measurement of the anterior and posterior meniscal root attachments of the New Zealand white rabbit

Fig. 1

The medial anterior root attachment (MARA) is shown to traverse laterally and over the top of the lateral anterior root attachment (LARA), as observed in all specimens. The posterior termination of the lateral meniscus at the ligament of Wrisberg (LOW), which was found to attach to the femur, is also noted. Meniscal structure is also described in relation to pertinent bony and soft tissue landmarks. TT, tibial tuberosity; EDLG, extensor digitorum longus groove; ACL, anterior cruciate ligament; MTE, medial tibial eminence; LTE, lateral tibial eminence; MPRA, medial posterior root attachment; PCL, posterior cruciate ligament

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