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Fig. 3

From: Hamstring stretch reflex: could it be a reproducible objective measure of functional knee stability?”

Fig. 3

A comparison of the tibial translation acquired by direct tendon pull Friemert et al. (2005a) (black line) and the tibial translation from a single trial with three translations elicited with the KT-2000 (grey lines). The tibial translation (mm) induced with the KT-2000 and, by inference, the tendon movement is similar to that of the direct tendon pull reported by Friemert et al.(2005a). This does not mean to imply that the reflex onset latency between the two methods is the same. It is likely that the ACL does not take up the stretch immediately when the tibia is translated as this would explain the longer latency in our findings (58.9 ± 17.9) compared with Friemert et al. (2005a)

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