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Fig. 6

From: Histological changes of semitendinosus autograft after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in an immature rabbit model

Fig. 6

a H&E staining (Original magnification x60). Despite the histological changes the neoligament at 48 weeks after surgery does not assume the characteristics of the normal rabbits ACL. The fibers showed a slight separation with increased waviness. The cellularity and vascularity were graded as normal. The fibrocytes have different characteristics from the fibroblastic cells observed few time after surgery. b Masson trichrome staining (Original magnification x20). Semitendinosus tendon 48 weeks after surgery. An increased longitudinal and parallel orientation of the collagen bundles was observed; c Masson trichrome staining (Original magnification x40). At 48 weeks the neoligament was viable. Red cells were present in the peripheric portion of the graft

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