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Table 1 Lectures of the Research Day session on December 3 rd , 2014 of the Annual Congress of the Société Française d’Arthroscopie in Luxembourg

From: Large animal models in experimental knee sports surgery: focus on clinical translation

Speaker City Country Title of lectures
Magali Cucchiarini Homburg Germany Recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors as efficient tools for musculoskeletal gene therapy
Christel Henrionnet Vandoeuvre lès Nancy France Innovative and non-invasive evaluation of the quality of collagen scaffold functionalized by human mesenchymal stem cells before graft in cartilage lesion
Henning Madry Homburg Germany Animal models for cartilage repair
Didier Mainard Vandoeuvre lès Nancy France Hoffa ligament: a fat tissue with pro-inflammatory properties
Mitsuo Ochi Hiroshima Japan Cartilage repair using magnets
Dietrich Pape Luxembourg Luxembourg The preclinical sheep model of high tibial osteotomy
Astrid Pinzano Vandoeuvre lès Nancy France Bioengineering and cartilage
Romain Seil Luxembourg Luxembourg Large animal models for pediatric ACL reconstruction