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Figure 2

From: Intratendinous injections of platelet-rich plasma: feasibility and effect on tendon morphology and mechanics

Figure 2

Morphologic changes in injected tendons versus control. Figures 2 a) and 2 b) represent the injection process of the PRP/MB and MB into the lamb tendon. The tendon significantly expands as the solution is injected (2b). H&E images of the 2c) and 2d) fenestrated tendon, 2e) and 2f) MB-injected tendon and 2 g) and 2 h) PRP/MB-injected tendon. Note the methylene blue staining (mb) within the open spaces between the collagen fibers. Rectangles in 2c), 2e), and 2 g) represent the area captured in images 2d), 2f), and 2 h).

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